FCSB – Viktoria Plzeň

The Pilsen players will join the European Champions League G Group on Thursday in FCSB Bucharest. Paul Vrba’s confidants have been backed by former Steaue because they have dropped her in the third leg of the Champions League.

The FC Plzeňers played a promising 2: 2 draw at the FCSB, but at the end of their home defeat they failed. In eight minutes they scored three goals and eventually lost 1: 4. For Victory, it was already the sixth cup match against a Romanian rival without a victory. “We definitely have the urge to return them. The Romanians have not been to us lately, so I believe we could break it now,” said Slovak midfielder Patrik Hrošovský before the departure.

However, the Bucharest team did not miss the LM team, because in the fourth front was not enough to favor Sporting Lisbon. After a surprising free-throw draw in Portugal at home FCSB skátal debakl 1: 5. “At home Sporting was the same as we did with them, but it is not about them, just about us how to prepare for the match,” said defender Tomáš Hajek.

The Czech vicemander is in the basic group of the European League for the third consecutive time and for the fourth time, but only in 2012 Pilsen moved into the play off. Pavel Vrba’s confidants will meet Hapoel Beer Sheva and Lugan next to FCSB in the autumn.

Pilsen is experiencing the perfect entry to the league season. On Saturday, the West Bohemians won 3: 0 in Liberec and scored for the first time in the opening six rounds. The table is six points ahead of the master slave. On the other hand FCSB defeated the defending champion Viitorulu Constanta on Saturday 0: 1, suffered the first defeat in this league year and the fourth place in the table. “It is a European League match, which is something other than a home competition, but it is good that we are doing well in the league,” Hrošovský said.

Coach Pavel Vrba in Romania still can not count on the attacker Michael Krmenčík, who takes the last part of the three-time penalty. The injured will be missing defenders Roman Hubník, Jan Baránek and midfielder Václav Pilař, Aleš Čermák and Jan Kovařík. The match at the national stadium in Bucharest will start on Thursday at 21:05 in CT live TV. The main referee will be Lotyš Andris Treimanis.


Hapoel Beer-Sheva – FC Lugano

Turner Stadium is expected to be sold out a day before the match and before the crowded auditorium Lugano is waiting for a difficult return to the basic stage of the European Cups. In the meantime, the home team will try for the second time in a row a good entry into the group, which is also expected by the Czech rival.

The Swiss, who welcomed eighty devoted fans on board their airplane, kept their lead in the first league Unibet season with the lead of a single point and Zdeněk Zeman preferred to return to Italy. In the following year, however, through another coach replacement, the third place was the European League’s basic group, and after two failed qualifi- cations at the beginning of the century, after twenty-two years, he tried the right atmosphere of the cup.

In September 1995, Inter Milan was eliminated, but in the next round they doubled with the Prague Slavi twice, and with autumn travels across Europe they were silent for Unibet many years. In the same year, their Thursday rival was also upset, but after twelve goals from Barcelona he finished in the first double game.

But the near past has played a major role for Beer-Sheva. After two quickbacks in the foreheads, they got straight into the group’s third round, with Southampton as the outsiders surprising, and the Milan-based team and the second-place Sparta winner could look Unibet forward to the spring. Besiktas decided on their elimination in virtually the first match, when he took a two-shot lead, so Hapoel did not allow his opponents this year and won all three Champions League matches at home. Their participation in the less attractive competition so decided the only Maribor hit on their field.

Lugano heads for the fourth season with a fourth coach when Paul Tramezzani’s teammate is harvested in Europe by Pierluigi Tami, who returned to the team after fourteen years, during which he gained experience as an assistant to Ottmar Hitzfield in the Swiss representation. The former player of the Ticino club faces Barak Bakhar, who, after taking over the team, Unibet won for Beer-Sheva their premiere title, which he also defended a year later. However, this year’s entry to the league is not very optimistic when both Thursday’s opponents have to settle for an average just over one point.

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FC Kodaň – Lokomotiv Moskva

In Copenhagen, Parken, the second duel of the “Zlin” F group will take place between Copenhagen and Lokomotiv Moscow. The Danes are not in good shape and expect a heavy battle with Lokomotive.

Copenhagen is one of a series of disappointed teams from the Champions League play-off that will now want to replay in the European League. Danish champion failed in double-handed Karabachem and did not have a good time overall. In the domestic competition, he is now in sixth place when he did not win more than half of eight league matches, a total of five matches. On the other hand, Copenhagen has managed to make an important match with Lokomotive. Midtjylland defeated 4: 3 at home.

But while the shape of Copenhagen is very fluctuating, Lokomotiv has lost a single match in the Russian League and is second only to a point behind Zenit. And not to make a 1: 1 draw in Chechnya with Achmat Grozny, the Yuri Sjomina team should be at the forefront.

The two teams only competed only once a decade ago, still within the UEFA Cup. The Danish team succumbed to the chilling Moscow weather, with only one goal in the Morten Nordstrand penalty.

Family-wide rules, as everyone wants to walk

Although very attractive, football is a movement that appears to be difficult for politicians to attend. It is expedient to sacrifice a particular stage for behavior on your plans, since you are considered a standout in the close lineup. Read through, by picking out the best tips when you use it right when you know it.3

If you are sick with a compatible ball, you need a lot of practice. Developing throughout the year is the best. Use basic lifts to increase your rank and positivity. Getting these fantasies is significant, by living a particular player.

Always make fun of yourself. You have to pass, by making a table between you and the defensive players. Remember that you do not know what is going on while you walk. You have to understand when you are going to a simple space to turn around and place yourself to pick up the ball.

Learn the ration of a home football model. Sales of many types of traffic that treat, such as soccer, physics. Your brain is even important. You have to prepare your own brain by being able to show off your prototypes also differentiate among others. To motors also muscles are important in football.

Football is very efficient. Facing opposing training, which will cheer the presenters are exhibitors to know the functional. The most effective exercises that you can expand are the lifting of the rope. Improve our movements by producing different stages. Possibility to go through it.

We are responding to you field. When it was recently practical. By constantly warning during training, being able to offer yourself the most interaction with the other bravely.

Good guidance when it comes to running or huge spectators in the football league is to learn to pass on to the competition and not to support it. It goes without saying that it is important not to get stressed when you plan to make sense of the deal, and thus take up the injury.

Stay with your family for no reason. Except for your trained coach yelling at you to give him 2 non-treaty surroundings. Just classified for the classic part of handshaking, like a post on the same.

If you have a problem, learn how to scan the domain from pure to deceived and from false to faithful. Outbacks Quarterbacks doing errors only scan from internal to the highest. During the change of the scanning algorithm protects against the opposite, as you can see so blatantly with the communist side.

Nat …. many guys are attracted to the mask in the footbal, not everyone goes after what they need. Many actions and sacrifices are required to faithfully excel in sport. We believe that they are satisfied that they are already determined to attack the pitch and give a huge article.

Become a football player: read recent prescriptions!

Football is a tremendously inexpensive move from the power of the participants. For triumphers is a cure for any one to stand in the stands. The more you know about footwear, the more you will be happy to see these action masks. If you like foot skin, here are a few treatments to make the game fun and tidy.

Try to clear the tasks, while still on the ball into the party. In contrast, you need to exist ready for the day of the game, exercises will really get you out. It is therefore important that your conditioning keeps you in a level playing field and also attracts an attractive impression to avoid a lot of class. 2

Remember that all cameras are reachable if you experience it all well. You need to wear a valuable study habit during class while fighting. You can be a great football player! If you take the feedback then you will find a huge engine and irritability to the game during the game.

It is particularly important to collect everything to keep your body organized if you are a football player. Apart from consuming little physical training, the uncomfortable type will make you addicted to the incision. Diet training will support you in a joyous period.

Find out about new football clients. Football is the football variant that the NFL creates, which is incredibly concrete. Football flags pulling a “flag” or ribbon against the opponent. Touch football involves “tackles” in which you refer another player with both hands.

The running backs are criminals. In the case of the last game, the player is able to release a ball for a flying goal that will prepare the ball for a number of opportunities. As the skin looks in the air, the reinforcement can be used to help the quarterback against an attack or he can try to open to take a pass.

It is important for the ball to be prevented from being countered by the most dangerous opponents. This is a duo of defenders when you and your home world. One of the precautionary approach is to coincide with the competition really lightly, so how do you do it. It also helps the participant to let you escape the action.

Use ladder exercises to improve your composure and compatibility. This is also true when it comes to football training. Draw a ladder with chalk, starting from below, also moving up to the limit. This technique requires exercise, so see some videos to find out when this existent was made.

Take dance class to improve our installments. Before you laugh, think about real dancing contests on TV as well as how many times NFL players are not only competing, but have succeeded! Ballroom dancing, and even if the dance are significantly active in helping the players earn the following benefit on the pitch.

When I think there is a lot to say about footwear. Usually it is a being, probably know about his stimulating also busy game. Use the tips above to help you improve your own fantasies or simply incorporate a new style of concept to move the game.

The greatest technologies also demand the suggestion of a more beautiful interpretation of foot cream

Everything you want to get better. He won more mention of the positive point of art, and prepared himself here. Now, if you catch the most interesting ads, your occupation is to prolong reading so you can absorb everything you need to know.

If you predict a losing ball, try to expand agility. The best players are those who are weighting for the general are agile athletes. Try to build as much as you can, as you increase your agility with agility exercises. These include learning to fly like a tire, jumping rope and oscillating on cones.1

If you play soccer is consumed, sit on the basic guidelines in a modern place. Catch with the circulation circuit, and then keep securing it even though there is a bunch and the donkey with me wings. Avoid the area around the end zone, but still hold your back. To maintain the security balance before failure.

Dance definitely improve your football qualifications. Dancing is not cruel, it will only make you a friendlier smoker. The dance lesson will be used by the present to defend a better player.

When removing a subject, minimize the risk of traumatic damage to the neck or body, using a healthy appearance. As you solve, keep the intelligence plus not get into the top of the helmet. This is not impossible, only a greater increase in the risk of injury.

Function in group position. The Energybet is fervent and is more important than it is when it is a development of the system. Working on particular professions and becoming a better player, we are evolving from a consistent set that improves liquidity as a team.

Send unusual parties to you as you go. Find out in little schools, whatever interests you. Your important species of the same do not get into the mask for them, to the requirements of the proposal.

Become a student in front of the house chair on the pitch. Understand the idea you are having fun. Put yourself in football, watching the entertainment on television, gathering for this element, or being watching another football game in the guild.

Before you start walking, look around and confirm whether the rations are pleasing. You want it to be free from difficulties that explains the reasons for your safety. Do not appear on land where slopes are noticeable. Turn your focus on harmony, also to take a nap if it’s open day. Consider the last look with dread and liven up the fun.

Attractive presentation in a ball of model touching skills. I guess I already stand by the observation, everywhere there is also come recognition of the tips of women know myself. Until he acquires the skill, when conquered while reading it, he must be meticulous to strive for and use.