Coufal again scored the winning goal, and clubs from Turkey also saw it

Liberec footballer Vladimir Coufal put his third goal in the first league in today’s 16th round with Olomouc, and third place was the winning streak. The captain of the Slovan has secured Severočesky a win 1: 0 and hibernation to the fourth position in the table. He gave the goal to a wife with whom he was exactly six months old.

“Two goals in half a year, I have never given it, I am very happy, I am very glad to have helped with the winning goal, it is probably such a tradition when I give that goal, I was pushing the time, it was going on a lot today slowly, “he told reporters, Coufal.

“I am very fond of the goal, I dedicate him to his wife and son, we are only half a year together, at least I am delighted with this,” added a 25-year-old defender.

55 minutes into the game, he managed to score another goal for Milan Kerbra after 55 minutes, and he managed to win the second half of the season. “We’re playing this season all the time, we’re doing it, so it was nothing random, it came out of our game,” said Coufal.

He praised Liberec playing the Olomouc rival, who until he played in the second position. “The first half was one of the best halves we played at home, combining, holding a balloon, and Olomouc had nothing at all, and I did not see them just kicking the balls and collecting them,” Coufal said.

His team overcomes the fourth point of the table two points after the second Slavic and the third Olomouc. “Before the start of this, no one expected, it’s a great autumn, for 30 points we are really happy, we can say that we are the result in the struggle for Europe,” he said.

He was delighted that the Liberec winners were awarded a victory split to their sports director Jan Nezmar, who left for Slavia. After the match they put on tricks with the name of a popular official. “Honza was doing something here, we wanted to thank him for some thanks, we’re just going to say goodbye to dinner, and we wanted to reward him for victory, that’s what he did,” said Coufal.


According to Tecla, Jablonec coincides with lost leadership in many matches

In Pilsen, Stanislav Tecl spent successful times between 2013 and 2015, with Victoria winning the Champions League, the European League and winning two home titles. Today in the West of Bohemia he joined Jablonec and in eight minutes he made one of the few chances of the team to play over half the course. However, the goal did not end and Jablonec lost 0: 2.

“If I fired on the ground, it would be much harder for the Koza (goalkeeper Kozáčik), so I gave it to him at an ideal height where he was well caught,” regretted the 27-year-old striker. “But it could be said that it was our only chance that we could finish somehow, but the Betclic free online bet performance was not bad, but we did not have to be more dangerous, but we did not do well,” Jablonka said.

Severočesi hibernate in eighth place with a loss of nine points on cups. According to Tecla, it is not a reason to place matches in the center of the table like the one with Pilsen, but a match in which Jablonec led and eventually did not issue three points. It happened in Karvina (1: 2), Liberec (1: 4), Ostrava (2: 2), Teplice (1: 1) and Dukla Praha (2: 2).

“This is a huge shame, it was terribly awful in the autumn, and if we had two or three matches, we are nowhere else.” It is hard to say what it is that we can not win the matches we are leading in. It then collapses down, “he said jihlavský odchovanec.

Jablonec, however, according to him can manko in the spring catch up. “The loss is not so great, we have a strong enough team to make it, and there is still a cup Unibet online football betting for us, which is another way to Europe, and it is definitely what to play,” he said.

Tecl is the second best shooter with eight goals, three lapses are only behind Pilsen cannonist Michael Krmenčík. “I’m happy about it, but it’s going to make a lot of my position on the table, and I was hoping we were going higher, driving the teams around the fifth place,” he said. He added to Krmencik that he would help every team in the current form.


Vrba defended the coach of Shilhav

Even coach Pavel Vrba surprised how the dominant autumn with Pilsen football player is experiencing. He expected good performances but did not think it would lead to a 14 point lead on the pursuer. At the same time, however, the fight for the title is not decided and does not deprive the opponent headed by Slavs. He even defended coach Jaroslav Šilhavý, who is criticized in the media and speculates about his end on the bench Slavie.

“Slavia does not play badly as she writes about her, she was just not so lucky to have more points, she had a lot of fights to play, and over the winter it sits in. Jarda Shilhavy is a coach with a charisma that has her own quality. to keep the team in the spring part of the competition, Slavia did not say the last word, “said Vrba at a press conference after winning 2: 0 over Jablonec.

Plzeň ended the league autumn with the 15th win of 16 matches and lost only two points for the draw in Teplice. He has a record 46 points on his account and leads the table by 14 points, which no one after 16 rounds.

“Having 14 points 14 laps before the end, that’s definitely an interesting thing, and in the summer I believed we were going to be strong, but of course I did not expect to lead by 14 points,” said Vrba.

The team is considered the main factor. “The team is stabilized, the cadre has long been together, which is our huge advantage over our competitors.” When it comes to 14 new players, it takes so long to get in. We found it in Russia, and it took us a whole year to sit down I came to Pilsen for the first time, “says Vrba. “We did some matches in the autumn, some with luck,” he admitted.


Arsenal FC – Manchester United

Manchester United chases the first full table, which is a city rival under the leadership of Pep Guardiola. In the battle of approach, the Citizens are not looking forward to Josh Mourinha’s manager entrusting at Emirates Stadium. Although Arsenal is weakened and experienced a crisis, it is determined to score points and honor.

The Battle of North London attracts the fight for the title, a duel of stars in both eleven, as well as the legend of two big clubs. Both Arsenal and Manchester United are written in golden letters in the football history of Albion and each of them has somehow helped build it. Both famous teams represent the highest English competition and are among the best teams in the world. Now is the time for their next fight.

He is in a much better position than Manchester United. The Red Devils from Old Trafford currently occupy the second place, and the Citizens are now losing eight points. Arsenal is in fourth place, which would normally ensure the start of the Champions League at the end of the season, but the gap between Manchester United and Gunners is enormous. Now Arsenal has a little chance to waste anger from losing to another club in Manchester.

The problem is that Arsenal does not do the way the fans want. In the Champions League group he does not perform the best and in the Premier League he is up to fourth. In the last two rounds, however, he smiled a bit more, which Wenger’s team used to score six points. In addition to the six goals scored, he added a clean account in matches with Burnley and Huddersfield. Frenchman Olivier Giroud excelled in the match, taking care of two goals.

A major problem in the offensive will be another French representative. Alexandre Lacazette, as the most expensive poster of Arsenal in his history, will not be able to board. Lyon’s former player has already moved halfway through the past, and manager Wenger has clearly said he will not be back today. Alexis Sánchez also had minor health problems, but in his case, Wenger is optimistic. Quite certainly, Santi Cazorla will be missing.


FCSB – Viktoria Plzeň

The Pilsen players will join the European Champions League G Group on Thursday in FCSB Bucharest. Paul Vrba’s confidants have been backed by former Steaue because they have dropped her in the third leg of the Champions League.

The FC Plzeňers played a promising 2: 2 draw at the FCSB, but at the end of their home defeat they failed. In eight minutes they scored three goals and eventually lost 1: 4. For Victory, it was already the sixth cup match against a Romanian rival without a victory. “We definitely have the urge to return them. The Romanians have not been to us lately, so I believe we could break it now,” said Slovak midfielder Patrik Hrošovský before the departure.

However, the Bucharest team did not miss the LM team, because in the fourth front was not enough to favor Sporting Lisbon. After a surprising free-throw draw in Portugal at home FCSB skátal debakl 1: 5. “At home Sporting was the same as we did with them, but it is not about them, just about us how to prepare for the match,” said defender Tomáš Hajek.

The Czech vicemander is in the basic group of the European League for the third consecutive time and for the fourth time, but only in 2012 Pilsen moved into the play off. Pavel Vrba’s confidants will meet Hapoel Beer Sheva and Lugan next to FCSB in the autumn.

Pilsen is experiencing the perfect entry to the league season. On Saturday, the West Bohemians won 3: 0 in Liberec and scored for the first time in the opening six rounds. The table is six points ahead of the master slave. On the other hand FCSB defeated the defending champion Viitorulu Constanta on Saturday 0: 1, suffered the first defeat in this league year and the fourth place in the table. “It is a European League match, which is something other than a home competition, but it is good that we are doing well in the league,” Hrošovský said.

Coach Pavel Vrba in Romania still can not count on the attacker Michael Krmenčík, who takes the last part of the three-time penalty. The injured will be missing defenders Roman Hubník, Jan Baránek and midfielder Václav Pilař, Aleš Čermák and Jan Kovařík. The match at the national stadium in Bucharest will start on Thursday at 21:05 in CT live TV. The main referee will be Lotyš Andris Treimanis.


Hapoel Beer-Sheva – FC Lugano

Turner Stadium is expected to be sold out a day before the match and before the crowded auditorium Lugano is waiting for a difficult return to the basic stage of the European Cups. In the meantime, the home team will try for the second time in a row a good entry into the group, which is also expected by the Czech rival.

The Swiss, who welcomed eighty devoted fans on board their airplane, kept their lead in the first league Unibet season with the lead of a single point and Zdeněk Zeman preferred to return to Italy. In the following year, however, through another coach replacement, the third place was the European League’s basic group, and after two failed qualifi- cations at the beginning of the century, after twenty-two years, he tried the right atmosphere of the cup.

In September 1995, Inter Milan was eliminated, but in the next round they doubled with the Prague Slavi twice, and with autumn travels across Europe they were silent for Unibet many years. In the same year, their Thursday rival was also upset, but after twelve goals from Barcelona he finished in the first double game.

But the near past has played a major role for Beer-Sheva. After two quickbacks in the foreheads, they got straight into the group’s third round, with Southampton as the outsiders surprising, and the Milan-based team and the second-place Sparta winner could look Unibet forward to the spring. Besiktas decided on their elimination in virtually the first match, when he took a two-shot lead, so Hapoel did not allow his opponents this year and won all three Champions League matches at home. Their participation in the less attractive competition so decided the only Maribor hit on their field.

Lugano heads for the fourth season with a fourth coach when Paul Tramezzani’s teammate is harvested in Europe by Pierluigi Tami, who returned to the team after fourteen years, during which he gained experience as an assistant to Ottmar Hitzfield in the Swiss representation. The former player of the Ticino club faces Barak Bakhar, who, after taking over the team, Unibet won for Beer-Sheva their premiere title, which he also defended a year later. However, this year’s entry to the league is not very optimistic when both Thursday’s opponents have to settle for an average just over one point.

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FC Kodaň – Lokomotiv Moskva

In Copenhagen, Parken, the second duel of the “Zlin” F group will take place between Copenhagen and Lokomotiv Moscow. The Danes are not in good shape and expect a heavy battle with Lokomotive.

Copenhagen is one of a series of disappointed teams from the Champions League play-off that will now want to replay in the European League. Danish champion failed in double-handed Karabachem and did not have a good time overall. In the domestic competition, he is now in sixth place when he did not win more than half of eight league matches, a total of five matches. On the other hand, Copenhagen has managed to make an important match with Lokomotive. Midtjylland defeated 4: 3 at home.

But while the shape of Copenhagen is very fluctuating, Lokomotiv has lost a single match in the Russian League and is second only to a point behind Zenit. And not to make a 1: 1 draw in Chechnya with Achmat Grozny, the Yuri Sjomina team should be at the forefront.

The two teams only competed only once a decade ago, still within the UEFA Cup. The Danish team succumbed to the chilling Moscow weather, with only one goal in the Morten Nordstrand penalty.